Traveling to Korea: Essential Tips for Your Adventure

Welcome to South Korea, a country of rich culture and diverse landscapes, offers a captivating experience for travelers. If you’re planning a trip to this country, here are some essential tips to make your journey unforgettable:

1. Power Plug & Voltage

Before you jet off, ensure you have the right power plug adapters for South Korea’s 220-volt electrical outlets. South Korea primarily uses Type C and Type F plugs as shown below, so check your devices and bring appropriate adapters.

2. Navigating Public Transport with T-money

The T-money card is an essential tool for convenient public transportation in South Korea. It’s not limited to buses; you can also use it for airport buses. However, keep in mind that for high-speed rail services like KTX and ITX trains, you’ll need separate tickets. To recharge your T-money card, you’ll need cash, which can be done at subway ticket vending machines or any convenience store.

3. Staying Connected: SIM Card Options in Korea

4. Budgeting for Meals in South Korea

Unfortunately, food costs in Korea tend to be relatively higher compared to some other Asian countries. Finding cheap eats can be a challenge, as even a simple meal can cost around 12,000 KRW. If you opt for a typical Korean BBQ experience, expect to pay around 15,000 KRW for just 150g of pork meat, which may be on the smaller side. Be prepared to rely on translation apps, especially since many restaurants have menus available only in Korean. Additionally, don’t forget to look up, as many restaurants are situated on upper floors. While groceries aren’t exactly budget-friendly in major stores like Lotte Mart and E-Mart, you can find slightly better deals at No Brand supermarket. For the most affordable groceries, head to local markets – our favorite spots are located at Cheongnyangni and Daerim.

5. Overcoming Language Barriers in Korea

One of the challenges you might encounter in Korea is the limited proficiency in English among the locals. To navigate daily activities, you’ll find translation apps to be invaluable, with the photographic translation function proving particularly useful. Thankfully, most Koreans, especially the younger generation, are friendly and willing to assist.

6. Optimizing Payments in Korea

7. Picking the Perfect Time to Visit Korea

8. Scaling Stairs in South Korea

9. Korea’s Hidden Gems: Where to Shop for Bargains

Looking for affordable yet quality items? In Korea, you’ll find excellent deals on contact lenses, cosmetics, blankets, clothes, alcohol, and coffee. We stocked up on Acuvue contact lenses here because they were significantly cheaper than our home country. However do visit the shop early because they might take a few days to get your order in. For cosmetics, we find that it is pretty much dominated by Olive Young. Do visit different branches because we realized that promotions may differ. Korea is also well known for high quality one-piece blankets, there are many such stores in Gwangjang Market, they will vacuum pack it for you too. Look out for clothes which are made in Korea, generally they are good quality, cheap and fashionable. For alcohol and coffee lovers, Korea is the place for you because they are relatively cheap and nice.

10. Check Out My Detailed South Korea Itinerary!

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